Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Sally Kern: The Video

We did so many interviews at the Republican National Convention that I lost track of what I had, and on what equipment, or how good the quality was, as we were juggling so much stuff. We were using our audio recorder for the show, digital cameras, Iphone cameras and a camcorder for video, and it all became overwhelming down on the packed floor at times.

So it was a nice treat to go through the camcorder over the weekend and find the Sally Kern interview (which we've played on the show) pretty much intact on video as well. The sound quality goes out for a brief moment or two, and it doesn't include the very end, where she mentions that "Siganorelli" guy. For that you'll have to check out the audio clip I posted. But otherwise, it's a gem.

For those who might need a refresher, Sally Kern is the Oklahoma legislator who made national headlines when she said homsexuality is a worse threat than terrorism. She also was caught a couple of times carrying a loaded gun into the state capitol.

Here's the video, in two parts. I began by asking her how she felt about the Log Cabin Republicans endorsing John McCain (you don't hear my first question but the audio is pretty good from then on).