Monday, October 27, 2008


Little Rocco 2 sold last night in our auction for No on 8 for $1275.00 to a regular listener to "The Michelangelo Signorile Show," Jamie Paul of Toledo, Ohio. Jamie went above and beyond the call of duty and made it an even $1300.00!

Congratulations and thanks to Jamie, who is going to call in to the show at about 5:15 ET today. Jamie told me this was an important cause for him because Ohio had passed the most draconian marriage amendment, and he understands why keeping marriage legal for gays and lesbians in California will go a long way toward changing things across the country.

Thanks to all of you, on the show and on the blog as well. We raised much more than $1300, just by having Rocco 2 up on the site and talking about him on the show, creating awareness and reminding people to dig deep. People who got priced out of the auction early on sent whatever money they could to the campaign, and passed on emails to me letting me know. Others were made aware of the campaign and the importance of beating Prop 8 by hearing about Rocco 2 every day on the show and also sent whatever they could, including a lot of smaller contributions that add up, and many let me know about that as well. A lot of listeners and readers here also said they contributed to 8Against8, which we'd also asked people to do, (That fundraiser -- eight lesbian bloggers raising funds for eight days -- ends today, and they've raised well past their expectations, which is just great.)

So thanks to everyone! Polls are showing it's tight, every little bit helps, and there's still time to give. Got to 8Against8 today or go to NoOnProp8 between now and next week.