Saturday, December 27, 2008

Comments Fiasco

Many of you have had problems with the comments and it appears to be getting worse. It began when Haloscan was bought by Js-Kit and they merged it all. Initially it was just some people. I wondered where a lot of our regulars were, even though many other people were able to post.

The number of people who are able to post appears to have gone down to a trickle in the last few days and now I can't post in the comments myself. I post something but it doesn't show up. Some of you aren't able to post at all and only get a white box. I'm trying to fix this, and will probably have to switch to a new system if I can't get help with this. So, thanks for your patience, and do me a favor: Send me an email if you are not able to comment. I'd like to get an accurate idea of how pervasive this is. Thanks!