Monday, December 29, 2008

"Election 2008 Retrospective," All Week

All week long on the show we'll be airing my special "Election 2008: A Retrospective." It's a look back over two years on "The Michelangelo Signorile Show" of this historic presidential election. I narrate the five days of coverage, which highlights some of the great interviews, caller discussions and big news events on the show beginning at that time before any of the players on the Republican side or the Democratic side had even officially put their names in the ring. It includes all of the highs and the lows of the campaigns, and a lot of the passion that exploded on the show -- the pro-McCain callers, the Hillary-Obama wars, the tension over Prop 8 -- that I think helped a lot of us as we hashed out the issues. This look back also includes some unforgettable interviews, from Bill Richardson after his "homosexuality is a choice" flub right on to the Rev. Andy Sidden, the man Barack Obama brought in to "balance" the appearance of the antigay "ex-gay" Donnie McKlurkin at his Gospel Tour, an event that foreshadowed the current Rick Warren controversy.

The retrospective takes us from those first announcements of candidacy by the various candidates in both parties right up through the Democratic and Republican primaries. The debates in both parties were punctuated by question about LGBT equality -- including a question for now-openly gay, retired Brig. General Keith Kerr, who asked a question at the Republican debate, and whom we interviewed -- and we of course discussed it all. Then we move on to the conventions in Denver and St. Paul -- both of which we attended, interviewing big names and players in both parties -- and then on to the general debates and the day after Election Day 2008, with all the excitement of Barack Obama's win as well as the shock and anger over the passing of Proposition 8.

The series will air every day during our regular show time, 2-6 ET, while we're off from the live show for the week. Each day, here on the blog, I'll detail some of the highlights of that day's particular installment. Our producers did a great job with this special and I was sometimes emotional all over again as I narrated it, going through all of the moments of the two years. For new listeners, a great many of whom got their Sirius radios for Christmas, it's a chance to get a feel for the show. And for all of those who've been with us for a while I think you'll enjoy looking back, hearing these highlights of an amazing and historic election, one that we all debated and discussed with great passion.

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