Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Crackpot Fun!

This is my interview from today with Rev. Leroy Swailes. Why did we talk to him? Though not any major player on the religious right, he has influence, sadly, over religious people in Maryland and the Washington area who follow what he says (he spoke at the DC hearing on the new law recognizing marriages of gays and lesbians outside the district, and got huge cheers) and he represents the views of many other people across the country, frightening as that may be. Plus, we need to laugh at these crackpots! We discussed his unique understanding of homosexuality.

UPDATE: I forgot to add that after the interview a co-worker of Rev. Swailes called the show, a woman who works with him at his day job I guess. Amber said that he told her about the upcoming interview, in the parking lot, after he saw a Sirius radio antenna on her car. He said, I'm going on "abomination radio," and she said, "OutQ? I listen to that all the time." She is pro-gay and obviously doesn't agree with Swailes' views, like most people at work. After he told her what time he was going on, she said, "OMG, you are going on the Michelangelo Signorile Show! I can't wait for that." She said he took off from work just to stay home and do the interview, and she said that everyone at work was listening to the interview (half have XM, half have Sirius) in the parking lot! Hilarious.