Wednesday, August 30, 2017

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Earlier this year TMZ released a photograph of Kathy Griffin holding a Donald Trump mask covered in fake blood completely. The photograph which was cooked up as satire in a single afternoon, quickly spread across social media, uniting Republicans and Democrats in outrage and forever changing the comedian’s life. In the wake of the controversy Griffin released a video apology, but the damage was done; and the next day, Trump intensified the backlash by tweeting a claim that his son Barron was having a difficult time dealing with the image. Since then Kathy Griffin has lost jobs, money, and friends but despite that she refuses to bend the knee to Trump.  Joining me today to talk all about how Kathy Griffin has been dealing with the backlash and moving on is Yashar Ali who is a contributing writer to New York Magazine and HuffPost and wrote all about his recent conversations with Kathy for The Cut.  

On Tuesday in Corpus Christi, Texas, as Houston lay drowning, Trump admired an adoring, pre-screened crowd from atop the bumper of a firetruck parked at a rural firehouse. “What a crowd,” the president said, as if he were addressing a campaign rally. “What a turnout!”;  and then during a press event with Texas Governor Greg Abbot, Trump had to stop himself mid-sentence from congratulating the governor and himself for a job well done, even as the disaster wrought by Hurricane Harvey continued to unfold in Houston and beyond.  Joining me today to talk all about the Presidents response to Harvey and what it says about the state of emergency our country is in under the Trump administration is Adele M. Stan who is a columnist for The American Prospect and the winner of the 2017 Hillman Prize for Opinion & Analysis Journalism.

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