Sunday, June 20, 2010

Weekend Back Talk

These are some of the listener survey comments I read on the show last week. If you're a listener to the show and haven't taken the survey please do so by scrolling down and clicking through on the right. Thanks!

Toronto, ON Canada (Sirius)
I like the fact that Michealangelo is not trying to be overly "balanced". America is far too afraid of anything even a bit left of centre. In fact I'm not sure that the Democrats are really all that left of centre. Because your culture is still strong even if your economy is not, it is vital that strong entertaining and intelligent voices from left or alternate views on the political spectrum (like us homos) have a forum.

Washington DC, (Sirius)

I enjoy the balance Mr. Signorile displays on his radio show. While I can typically figure out his personal views, he is unafraid to discuss both sides of an issue. Understanding why the GLBT community likes or dislikes something is important and enjoyable to hear as a gay man. I believe it is also important to understand why the opponents of GLBT issues come to their conclusions...even when difficult to hear. Only then can positive and effective strategies be designed to counter anti-GLBT activists.

Glen Rose TX, (XM)

Michael not only are you authoritarian you also twist the truth. First of all I am a lesbian liberal not a conservative guy as you indicated on you show. Also Glen Rose is right outside of Ft. Worth and has nothing to do with Glen Beck. You are the most authoritarian person I listen too because I don't listen to Glen Beck or other conservative talk shows. When I wrote that I wish we had true diversity of Gay News reporting on OutQ it wasn't about have more conservative voices on OutQ but more about how someone on the show that didn't twist facts like you do and isn't as authoritarian and disrespectful of your callers and listeners as you are.

San Francisco, CA (Sirius)
I listen with great interest to your program. I've followed you ever since your days with ACT-UP, and I was delighted to discover your show when I started listening to Out-Q several years ago. I find you AUTHORITATIVE, not AUTHORITARIAN, as some misguided listener wrote in to you. You are telling the truth to power, which often makes people uncomfortable. One of the greatest things about your show is that it is intelligent and diverse, with cogent analysis by you, and fascinating guests. I like that you have on those with whom you disagree, something that many (if not most) other talk shows don't do! And David Guggenheim sounds really cute, also. :)

Gurnee, IL (XM)
You host the smartest show on OutQ, Michelangelo. Your news analysis is very fair. What I enjoy is when you let your views shine through, because partisanship makes for good radio. Consider your most popular counterparts on the right and how biased they are. The fact that you ostensibly care so much about what people say about you is charming, but may be a bit of an Achilles' heel. Your desire to please too many may keep you from your greatest achievement. Keep up your insightful analysis, and I'll keep listening.

Bakersfield, CA (XM)
I just found your show a few weeks ago and love to listen. Your discussions are very informative, clear and concise. I now feel like I can make an informed decision in my local elections for governor/senate in California. You have opened up an entire new world for me out here in farm country..Thanks!

Rochester, MI, (Sirius)
Michelangelo hosts an outstanding show. What a relief to have such an inquisitive,pragmatic show. Terrestrial radio is such a fools playground as evidenced by all the right-wing nut jobs that waste airspace! Kudos to Michelangelo and also his producer David Guggenheim, after all its those behind the scene that never get enough credit! I'm always listening because every show is enlightening and makes me a more informed person. Thanks guys!!

Oceanside, CA (Sirius)

The only reason I even subscribe to Sirius radio is to hear your show. It is the ONLY place I can get up to date news on gay issues. Your show has many times given me the opportunity to bring my gay friends up to date on what is happening with current issues (like DADT) I find the show very informative as well as entertaining. I always look forward to getting some time in my car when I can listen to the whole show. (FYI I am a lawyer, out now after a 25 year marriage to a woman. I went to reparative therapy and all sorts of s%@#). Both of my children live full time with was their choice to live with their gay father rather than their heterosexual mother). Keep up the good work!!

Woburn, MA (XM)
Thanks for putting together such an informative show with entertaining and interesting discussion. I have to say that when listening I often get so mad at the news I get from your show! it is motivating me to get out and make a difference in my community and really shedding light on what's going on in our country. Living in Massachusetts, I feel that I have so many more privileges than others do and only hope that the rest of our country catches up soon. Thanks again - I really do enjoy the show.